Vivid Performance Physical Therapy Open for Services at our Roanoke, TX TRT Clinic

We are excited to announce that Vivid Performance Physical Therapy is open for services inside our Testosterone Replacement clinic and accepting new patients across the DFW metroplex!

Dr. Spencer Cole says, “We are not your typical physical therapy clinic. We provide direct 1 on 1 care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advance certifications. There are no techs or aids that will be leading you through your physical therapy journey.”

Vivid Performance Physical Therapy is open for services inside our clinic

Personalized PT to live your best life.

The word “VIVID” comes from the Latin word “VIVERE” which means “TO LIVE“.

“At Vivid Performance Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you Live Well. Living Well means you can move without pain, spend less money on unnecessary medical costs, and be proud of your physical health.”

Your care is backed with science, evidence, and proven techniques that have worked on patients with similar problems.

Vivid Performance is a Titleist Performance Institute certified – Dr. Cole and Vivid offer TPI FREE screening to identify weak areas in your golf swing.

These areas may be preventing you from playing as many rounds of golf as you would like, or they may be keeping your handicap where it should be.

Golfers are no strangers to low back pain.

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If you can’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of thoracic rotation exercises for my patient and specifically for my golf patients. (Please Ignore the awkward camera faces). Being able to rotate through your thoracic spine and improve your mobility will reduce stress on your neck and low back. It will help your rotate through the ball better, and be able to make it through 18 holes without pain. The first exercise is done with TRX. Get into a golf posture, and slowly rotate one direction while keeping your opposite hand down with light pressure into the strap as shown. The second exercise is one I give early on in rehab. Seated thoracic rotation with a Swiss ball. This one can be hard to master, especially for those folks that have poor upper and lower body dissociation. The goal is to slowly rotate left and right, while keeping your lower half still

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According to Dr. Cole, “Low back pain is one of the most common complaints of golfers today.”

For those unfamiliar,

the golf swing can apply loads of pressure on certain areas of your body. If you do not play much golf, poor rotation or miss hits could lead to strain, sprain, disc slips, etc.

For those familiar,

you may have experienced some level of sharp pain as you drop your shoulder and strike the ground rather than just behind the golf ball.

Dr. Cole and the Vivid staff can help you better understand what your back is doing during the swing. They can help you rehab existing back strain and provide insight on how to reduce the risk of injury.

Vivid Performance has specialized treatment plans to take stress off your lower back to reduce pain and help you get back to the links. Source.

Aside from golf injury, Vivid Performance can help rehab all sorts of injury. From facet syndrome, stenosis, to degenerative disc disease to a sprained ankle or pulled hamstring…

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Cole and Vivid Performance! Schedule your first appointment with Vivid Performance today!

“Thank you for all the great work you did to help my mother recovery from her injury. We could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable, caring, kind, and encouraging physical therapist. You’ve made this journey for her easier, and we are so grateful for all your time, energy, and sense of humor. You gave her great confidence.”


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