Feeling better is the driving force behind RISE Men's Health and our Testosterone Replacement Therapy.
We want to allow people to live life to the fullest and not be held back by the natural decline of energy and vitality.

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What Makes Us Different?

First Name Basis

We believe that trust and comfort between provider and patent are critical to providing effective care on a first name basis, combining the “old” clinical approach with access to modern care. Many other clinics focus on patient volume and bottom line, creating an negative "cattle-call" experience.

Root-Cause Exams

Dr.Lecroy applies decades of experiences to help our men and women address and treat the underlying imbalances within the body. Through a proactive approach, Dr. Lecroy uses a root-cause examination to define the problems.

All of our Providers work closely with Dr. Lecroy on his proactive treatment plans. The main goal is not only treating the medical conditions reflected by our comprehensive lab results but through assessing symptoms expressed during open conversations with our patients.

Optimize & Balance

We help you regain optimal health by replenishing essential hormones that naturally decline as we get older. Our goal is to balance and optimize these hormones through personalized plans. We provide nutritional fitness, weight loss, and overall health guidance to help you feel your best.

We keep the patient at the heart of operation to make sure they reach desired goals and improve quality of life. Dr. Lecory and our PAs use medical, anti-aging and wellness treatments to help our patients.

Do you experience any of the following?

Drained & Lacking Motivation?

Burn-out & Low Energy

Decreased Libido and Stress

Feeling Off, Run Down, Easily Irritable?

Increased Body Fat

Get the Test Your Test Low T Free Quiz and get started on a Personalized strategy Today:

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What is Telehealth?

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