Dr. Kenneth LeCroy, Medical Director

Dr. LeCroy applies decades of experience helping both men and women address and treat the underlying imbalances within their bodies. Through a proactive approach, Dr. LeCroy uses a root-cause examination to define the problems.

Kenneth LeCroy, M.D. specializes in Primary Care with a focus on Men's and Women's Hormone Health. After graduating from Dallas Christian High School in Mesquite, Texas before Dr. LeCroy went on to get his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University.  He majored in English with a minor in history. During this time, he fulfilled the pre-requisites for medical school, and studied at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, graduating with honors.

His Family Practice residency was spent in Corpus Christi from 1996-1999. Drs. Kenneth and Tara LeCroy met in San Antonio during medical school.

The LeCroy's married in 1996 and moved to Corpus Christi for their residency in Family Practice.  After completing residency, they moved to the Mid-cities area in 1999 and have lived in Colleyville since 2004. They have three children and a variety of pets.

Jessica and Jill work closely with Dr. LeCroy on his proactive treatment plans. The main goal is not only treating the medical conditions reflected by our comprehensive lab results but through assessing symptoms expressed during open conversations with our patients.

We keep the patient at the heart of the operation to make sure they reach desired goals and improve quality of life. Dr. LeCroy and our PAs use medical, anti-aging, and wellness treatments to help our patients.