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RISE Hormone Specialists: Movin’ In June For Movember!


The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health. John and I are extremely excited to be launching Rise Men’s health in the DFW area, where we focus on end-to-end men and women’s health and wellness with our Testosterone Replacement Therapy (for men) and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (for women). To kick…

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5 Reasons Why Dieting Like an Italian Can Stop Diabetes

Italian Diet Diabetes

In this post, I will explain how adopting Italian eating habits can improve your health and fight off diabetes. Italians are considered the best culinary minds in the world. Despite what you might think, true Italian cuisine is not all pasta, pizza, and wine. I spent a week in Italy and was blown away by…

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A Few Ways Cardio Can Improve Diabetes

cardio helps diabetes

CARDIO – ugh, even typing cardio gives me a stitch in my side. Is there anything worse than cardio? If you ask me the answer is a resounding No – There is nothing worse than cardio. Hold on, I need to catch my breath. Whew!                Cardio has been a struggle for me since adolescence.…

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