How to Use Single Leg Training to Relieve Back and Knee Pain

Typically, the last exercise anyone chooses to do at the gym involves the legs, but did you know adding single leg work outs to your regimen can actually help relieve back, knee, and joint pain? Let’s review the problems that dual leg exercise can promote, why single leg movements are actually more efficient, how do…

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A Few Ways Cardio Can Improve Diabetes

cardio helps diabetes

CARDIO – ugh, even typing cardio gives me a stitch in my side. Is there anything worse than cardio? If you ask me the answer is a resounding No – There is nothing worse than cardio. Hold on, I need to catch my breath. Whew!                Cardio has been a struggle for me since adolescence.…

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Losing Weight and Diabetes: 3 Steps to Efficient Results

weight loss with diabetes

On this page, I will tell you about how a quick start, setting long-term goals, and practicing hunger can help taking control of your diabetes. It all begins with weight management. Short-term, rapid weight loss is more effective than a long period, slow-paced weight loss. But, Jeff, what about my blood sugar? Let’s start this…

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How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Stop Diabetes

intermittent fasting diabetes

Using intermittent fasting to fight diabetes is a powerful and safe strategy. In this post, you will learn how to get started and why it’s so effective. Roughly a year after college, I’d been stuck in the 6 meal a day cycle with 1 cheat day during weekend cycle. While I was skinny, I was…

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