The Right and Wrong Carbohydrates vs. Diabetes: 4 Facts

Carbs are constantly getting berated by “experts” because it’s easier to focus on the bigger picture rather than taken the term one step further to Good and Bad / Right and Wrong Carbs.

Our bodies thrive on carbs for energy.

It’s how our bodies respond to these carbs is the most important key.

DON’T WORRY, I’m not going to give you science lecture.

I think if we go any deeper than right and wrong, I’ll give us tired-head’ness.

Yes, putting ‘ness on the end of anything makes it a real word. 😬

Simply put, switching to a high carb plant-based diet can drastically improve your health.

Remember your cleans: Clean, Greens, Grains & proteins.

right and wrong carbs

Fact 1: High-carb, high-fiber base diets can fight off insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is to Bill Clinton’s pants as Monic Lewinsky is to prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

It’s the main culprit. Too much sugar production, too little breakdown into useful fuel for the body.

Some of the accelerators are immune system malfunction (inflammation), eating too many dietary fats and calories, unhealthy weight gain, excess fats in your muscles and liver.

Doesn’t eating fruit and starchy foods greatly increase my blood sugar?


Eating fruits and wholesome starchy veggies lowers inflammation, which in turn starts the fat burning process inside our muscles and live.

Fiber helps fill us up, carrying nutrients throughout our body and gives our body time to break down carbs into blood sugar.

Carbs create healthy sugars.

Candy, refined grains, sweetener have added sugars, which instantly spike our blood sugar and has no time to digest leading to excess.

Following? Yes, continue. No, just email me.

Net-net of fact 1:

Protect yourself against T2D by eating rich whole grains (wild rice, oats, whole wheat, etc.) One cannot live on fruit alone.

Processed meat (which contains almost no carbohydrates) increases the risk of diabetes the most. Just one serving per day raises the risk by 37 percent!

Fact 2: The statistics speak for themselves. High-carbohydrate-fiber rich dieters have more energy and enjoy life.

Filling our bodies with unprocessed, natural foods will make us feel like demi-gods.

Once we allow our digestion engine to cycle out the processed grime clogging up our systems.

(drinking soft drinks and eating desserts regularly)

While this spikes our energy levels, the crash is even worse.

In 2016, the Department of Nutrition at this place called Harvard ran a massive study with findings supporting that moving to high-carb, high-fiber diets of whole grains and plant-based foods reduces one’s chances of developing diabetes by 34%.

More greens & grains, fewer proteins. Eating a little less meat-based protein helps reduce chances by 20%.

This is great news for those struggling with T2D as well!!

Why you gotta do me like that??

Fact 3: Effectively treat your active type 2 diabetes. In some cases, reverse it!

Planet-based diets high in carbohydrates and fiber but low in dietary fat can reduce and stabilize your average blood sugar.

Planet-based veggies and grains are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, which helps reduce stress levels.

In the 74 week trial, researchers found that the HCLF diet provided the following benefits:

F: Reduces the need for medication.

A: Lose excess weight.

C: Lower cholesterol better than conventional prescribed diets.

T: None of the patients reviewed were asked to count calories, measure portions or meter carbs… Amazing.

S: Some studies suggest that a vegetarian based diet significantly reduces fasting blood glucose compared to standard diet regiments.

I do not suggest going full-on vegetarian; however, organic protein from meats/fish is necessary. Perhaps a hybrid flexitarian.

Whole-food, plant-based, high-carbohydrate diets exclude drinks and foods closely associated with diabetes risk. Fact.

We need to focus on unprocessed plant foods, (naturally) rich in fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients:

Reduce inflammation and helps keep healthy body weight.

Found in veggies like sweet potatoes and Zucchini.

Phyto = Plant in Latin.

Nutrients = the good stuff.

Fact 4: Eating a carbohydrate-rich diet tackles other complications stemming from diabetes.

Have you ever heard of the ABC’s of diabetes?

A: A1C – the rich nutrients from the grains and veggies will stabilize your resting 3-month blood glucose levels.

B: Blood pressure: When you replace added sugars, white flour, and refined grains with wholesome foods like beans, lentils, peas, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

You not only improve your diabetes or risk of diabetes, but you are significantly reducing your risk for high blood pressure.

These foods promote healthy blood flow and the transfer of nutrients throughout the body.

C: Cholesterol:

While protein is essential to good health, too much red meat can hurt you. Moving to a plant-based diet will help you replace saturated fats (from meats) with healthy fats (olive oil, fish).

Also, a high-carb planet-based diet will help improve blood circulation, building a freeway 18 lanes wide for good and bad cholesterol to safely digest through your body.

S: Several others 😉

Painful complications like diabetic neuropathy (numbness in hands and feet) and other nerve-related conditions can be improved by switching to a high-carb diet.

Improved blood flow will help reset your body’s sugar creating function when eating complex carbs.


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