Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Build Your Muscles?

A growing number of men are becoming aware that they have low testosterone and that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may be the solution to the symptoms they have long learned to live with. The thing is, not all of these symptoms have anything to do with libido, energy, or mood. In fact, a typical query when starting is whether TRT enhances athletic and gym performance by enhancing muscle growth.

It should come as no surprise that most guys are concerned with their physical appearance, amount of muscular mass, and athletic prowess.

In such a case, the majority of men are aware that anabolic steroids aid in muscle building, but they wonder if TRT would have a similar effect.

First of All, What Is Testosterone?

In order for males to operate effectively, they must create the hormone testosterone, which is produced by the body. It is created in men’s testicles and keeps the following physiological processes in check:

  • Body and facial hair
  • Bone density
  • Fat distribution
  • Muscle strength and mass
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Sex drive
  • Sperm production

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a process often recommended by a doctor that is meant to treat various conditions, such as testosterone deficiencies, hypogonadism, and andropause. The process involves administering testosterone hormone topically by creams, gels, or injections placed beneath the skin, or patches.

Low testosterone levels are more common in males aged 60 and above, as the body gradually loses its ability to produce testosterone through the years. However, there are cases in which the body loses the ability to process its own testosterone, necessitating supplementation. 

Testosterone and Its Muscle-Building Effects

Without a doubt, testosterone plays a crucial role in men’s physical characteristics, particularly muscle growth.

When a man reaches adolescence, and his testosterone levels grow, he gains muscle mass, a wider shoulder girdle, and more dense bones. These factors all help to make males the more powerful gender. We are heavier, more powerful, and able to lift more weight than women.

Increased anabolic activity results in bigger, stronger muscles, denser, tougher bones, and faster healing with thicker skin. This is one of testosterone’s key physiological effects. Compared to our female counterparts, who have lower levels of testosterone, we have evolved to be more robust and strong.

This variation in physical characteristics is primarily caused by testosterone. In competition, women’s testosterone levels are constrained for this reason, and trans women must adhere to particular standards before they may compete against other women.

Comparing Natural and Unnatural Muscle Building

The difference between muscle growth on supraphysiological testosterone levels and natural testosterone levels was demonstrated in an intriguing study. The outcomes were quite striking.

In the study, there were four groups of guys; some were engaged in resistance exercises, while others were not. Additionally, some were also taking testosterone while others were not at all.

They came across an astounding result. Naturally, the testosterone-using males who trained gained more muscle than the testosterone-free guys who did resistance training. In a similar vein, men who didn’t exercise but were taking testosterone grew more muscle than men who didn’t exercise and weren’t taking testosterone.

The men who did not engage in resistance training but were taking testosterone, on the other hand, grew more muscle than the men who trained with weights but were not taking testosterone.

This exemplifies the effectiveness of testosterone (and TRT) in promoting muscular growth, which is especially true if you go from low natural testosterone levels to high optimal TRT testosterone levels.

This is why TRT can help many men gain muscle, and many of our patients experience fantastic results in addition to all of the other advantages.

Does TRT Build Muscle at Achievable Testosterone Levels?

TRT for men differs from a steroid cycle in several ways.

Extremely high testosterone dosages are used during steroid cycles, which have the potential to seriously harm your health over time.

Despite the fact that these risks can be reduced, long-term use of high doses of testosterone (and even worse, other steroid compounds) can result in issues with a person’s lipid profiles (cholesterol levels), prostates, and cardiovascular problems like blood clots that can result in strokes and heart attacks.

The fact that steroid dosages cause muscular gain is undisputed. These dosages, however, are obviously unsustainable and unwise. But is it anticipated that TRT would promote muscle growth at lower doses?

In short, yes, TRT doses do help older guys who don’t resistance train to gain muscle. Injections enhanced strength by 10–13% and lean muscle mass by 5.7% in men.

Building Muscles on TRT

While you will gain muscle faster when your testosterone levels are higher (e.g., on TRT versus naturally when your testosterone levels are low), there are similar methods that work in both situations. The necessity for complicated approaches decreases as testosterone levels rise.

  1. Consuming Calories

For muscles to grow, one must consume enough healthy calories; otherwise, one would lose weight rather than gain it. Other than the common muscle-boosting supplements needed for building mass, carbohydrates will also assist in this gain. Additionally, fats also have a vital impact.

  1. Protein Intake

Protein aids in protein synthesis, which promotes the growth of muscles. Increased protein synthesis and better utilization of the available protein are made possible by higher testosterone levels.

  1. Rest

An often-overlooked aspect of muscular building is getting enough sleep. This is essential for your body’s ability to repair muscle injury and regrow larger and stronger.

  1. Use of Supplements Such as Creatine

Creatine is an organic acid that naturally exists in skeletal muscle. When you’re lifting weights or working out very hard, it helps your muscles make more energy.

It’s no secret that athletes and bodybuilders love taking creatine as a supplement. They take it to bulk up, get stronger, and see better results from their workouts.

As a component, creatine is very similar to amino acids, which play a crucial role in the body by constructing proteins. To be more specific, it is an amino acid that your body produces from the amino acids arginine and glycine.

  1. Weight Lifting

To put more strain on your muscles and increase resistance, try increasing weight or reps as much as possible. It is even advantageous to combine sets and reps. Additionally, you’ll be able to add in more volume and recover more rapidly, both of which enable further advancements.

The Power Finish

So, does TRT help you gain muscle? The short answer is “Yes,” if you require testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for low testosterone levels and engage in good training.

Remember that TRT won’t immediately turn you into the next Mr. Olympia, but it will likely add some muscle to your frame and help you gain more muscle with the right exercise.

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