Functional Fitness and Low Testosterone: Great Texas Gyms and Studios to Try

Rise Men’s Health is a big believer in functional fitness for men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy because it is perfect for weight management and fat loss while also enhancing response to Low T treatment.

What is the Difference Between Functional and Traditional Fitness?

Functional Fitness focuses on muscle groups and heart rate whereas Traditional strength training focuses on single muscle groups over several days.

Functional training combines high-intensity, interval training (or HIIT) Aerobic Cardio with strength training.

Functional Fitness and Low Testosterone: Great Texas Gyms and Studios to Try

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT exercise repeats periods of short, fast movement for a certain period of time with a brief cool-down period.

HIIT is great because you adjust the intensity, duration of the activity, and cool-down periods to suit your fitness level and age.

For example, I can run 100 yards repeatedly… I could do it if you give me a few minutes between them (while my heart beats like it’s in a Berlin techno rave at 4 am).

Our beginner regimen suggests a run for 30 seconds with a cooldown period of brisk walking for 1 and a half minutes. 

We tell our patients to do this for about 30 minutes about 4-5x a week. I have an interval timer on my phone that I can set up to ding at the appropriate intervals. Right now, I can only run about 80% of my full speed and still make it all 30 minutes, but I know this will improve as I go.

I can also change this up and sprint for shorter intervals with more cooldown time or jog for longer intervals with shorter cooldown time.

Flexibility is the name of the game – suit the exercise to what you can do – Otherwise, you’ll give up and that’s not what we want. Study

Can exercise increase Testosterone?

Yes, but its effects depend on your age.

In an interesting study that analyzed over 1000 studies of exercise and hormone response in men over 60 years old, research shows that “exercise is probably our best non-pharmacological countermeasure to loss of muscle function with human aging.”

Their findings show that HIIT, running, and aerobics stimulate testosterone increase in men with Low T better than other activities. However, testosterone levels did not react to these workouts in older men.

This tells us that as men age, diet, and exercise alone may not be sufficient in testosterone and hormone health alone. Testosterone Replacement Therapy treatment may be the answer.

Obviously, younger men (30-40, 40-60 years) may see more positive results from diet and exercise as it relates to testosterone production, but this goes to show that the age to hormonal relationship and hypogonadism (low T) can hinder healthy muscle growth and lead to fatigue.

Why should I combine functional fitness and TRT?

Combining exercise and testosterone replacement therapy will improve quality of life in men of any age by promoting healthy muscle, prevent injury and recover after workouts. Study

Proper rest and recovery are important between high-intensity HIIT workouts because HIIT can increase cortisol, which is a stress hormone that negatively impacts your testosterone levels similar to the effects of long-distance running.

It is important to get your blood flow pumping and your heart rate elevated while on testosterone replacement therapy for various reasons.

Healthy testosterone levels can improve vascular reactivity and blood flow, which will help with general fitness and alertness.

In a study of 44,335 men with low T, researchers found that those who were on TRT had a 33 percent lower risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and stroke compared to those untreated. Those are staggering figures. Get a move on! Study

With our in-office lab, we closely monitor your hemoglobin and hematocrit (h&h) while on TRT as testosterone naturally increases red blood cells. StudyStudy

It is true that adopting a better diet and exercise will promote testosterone production and help your body stay above borderline levels where low testosterone symptoms start to occur.

However, if your testosterone levels are clinically low or your symptoms are moderate to severe, diet and exercise alone will likely not solve your problems and Testosterone.

Rise Men’s Health combines Functional & Traditional Medicine, taking a total-body approach, combining nutrition, life, and modern medical testing. We believe Functional Fitness can be more engaging than Traditional but do what you enjoy and get moving!

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What are the signs of Low Testosterone?

If you’re struggling to make it to the gym or motivated to work to meet your goals due to chronic fatigue, this is a primary symptom of low testosterone and you should consider blood work to confirm your testosterone levels.

Another tell-tell sign of low testosterone and hormone imbalance is difficultly in losing weight or having trouble maintaining your weight despite consistent dieting and exercise.

Sometimes, diet and exercise alone will likely not solve your problems, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) may be recommended. Learn more about TRT on our TRT Basics page.

What are the best gyms to join near me?

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend these gyms and studios near Roanoke, Texas in Southlake, Alliance, Fort Worth, and Trophy Club, Texas. All of which have options for beginners to advanced fitness fans.
For beginners, personal trainers can help you through each functional routine, and for advanced fitness folks, each facility offers plenty of classes to challenge your physical ability and better yet feed your competitive edge.

All three of the options will enhance your experience with TRT and promote more energy, improve health, and increase motivation. Feel your best!

Low testosterone can reduce your energy levels and concentration, leaving you feeling tired or “off” but it is treatable and we help you attain your goals.

What is F45?

The “F” stands for Functional Fitness and the “45” is the duration of the class plus how long each workout set lasts. Each 45 Minute class has 45 second periods, with 15 seconds of rest between each set.

Each class offers a unique experience and style to keep you engaged and remove that dull repetitive studio feel.

What do the F45 workouts offer?

Rise Men's Health Testosterone Replacement Therapy Dallas Fort Worth Premier TRT Men's Health

Mark Walberg owns a stack in the company and is a big believer in the program –

“These functional movements and smart exercise allow me to run, jump, keep up with my kids. I still have roles where I have to bulk up — like right now, I’m preparing to play a big musclebound priest who died of a rare muscular disease — but I have to be smarter about how I do it and take better care of my body. Sometimes, I don’t take enough time to stretch, warm-up or cool down. I run out of time. I spent three to four hours in the gym when I was doing “The Fighter”. From F45, I know now I could have done it in 45 minutes.” Source

F45 has several convenient locations in South Keller, Alliance, and a brand-new Southlake location expected to open in a few months – follow F45 Southlake on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest.

Life Time Athletic Fort Worth-Alliance

Another great option to consider is Life Time Fitness in Fort Worth, Texas in the Alliance Community. Life Time offers an experience for all shapes, sizes, skillsets, and individuals with or without family (they have a great daycare). Their Personal Trainers offer expertise and guidance if you are looking for a coach to meet your goals. They also offer fun group classes or group workouts that will keep anyone motivated.

Or just work out by yourself and enjoy a very good facility.

According to their website, “Life Time is building its brand through the development of large, mixed-use lifestyle centers that feature Life Time athletic resorts, Life Time Work co-working spaces and Life Time Living high-end leased residences. These concepts, combined with distinctive programming, encompass the full spectrum of a healthy living, healthy aging and healthy entertainment experience for individuals, couples and families of all ages.”

The Force by Luke in Trophy Club, Texas

Last but not least, The Force by Luke in Trophy Club offers all sorts of personalized options. From 1 on 1 to Partner to Online Training owner Luke Fleming and his staff have the methods to not only successfully increase lean muscle and reducing body fat, but to change the mindset of his clients to promote self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle. For over 12 years, Luke and his team have been changing lives. Check them out!

Medically peer reviewed by Jessica Zimmer, PA-C. Written by Our Editorial Team.

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