Rise Health Services Corporate Wellness Workshops for Benefits and HR Departments

Traditional healthcare and wellness programs incentivize us to pursue health goals selected for us determined by a sample of data, while ignoring an individuals unique health needs.

There is a start and a finish; when we start, we are rarely given a lasting wellness program to follow year after year.

Instead of imposing goals, our Corporate wellness programs create experiences that inspire employees to pursue a healthier way of living – Empowering all to live a happy, enjoyable life, and to feel inspired at work.

Our objective is to cultivate the workplace into a place for people striving to grow and develop.

What is a Healthcare and Wellness Workshop?

Lunch & Learn Workshops are an interactive, educational, and informative way for your employees to learn and grow together.

We supply a Wellness Expert (and the food) to speak with your employees about trends in today’s ever changing healthcare and wellness industry. We conclude the event with a Q&A and provide coaching and tips, which can be personalized based on the needs of your employees.

Your employees will learn applicable wellness tips and tools for:

  • Stress management
  • How to craft the perfect lunch
  • How to lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Proper hormone health
  • Customize your session with something you would like us to cover in healthcare and wellness

We conclude each session with a kickstart program to create the first week of their journey. Join many others who have already learned and benefitted from the Lunch & Learn Workshops, as they are a vital step towards growth in your company and your employees ability to reach their full potential.


  • Increases employee productivity
  • Increases employee retention
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Increases company profitability
  • Increases employee collaboration


  • Reduces employee sick days
  • Reduces employee conflict
  • Reduces employees job related injuries
  • Reduces employees health care costs
  • Reduces employer premiums

What You Do?

  1. Choose a topic, which include but are not limited to: Stress-Less, Burnout, Hormone Health, Function Medicine, Men’s and Women’s Health, Healthy Living Program, Migraines, Sleep Apnea, Fitness, Nutrition.
  2. Select a date. Available Monday through Thursday: Email or call us: (817) 900-0304
  3. Send out the event specific promotional materials we provide you with.
  4. Have the room available, set up and ready to go that day.

What We Do?

  1. Send a Wellness Expert to speak on the topic of choice. Seminar + Q&A typically last between 20 minutes to 45 minutes.
  2. Get headcount of what number of staff you expect to be at the lunch. Please submit 24-48 hours before the event.
  3. Arrange food to be delivered the day of event if company chooses to do so.
  4. Deliver an great event for your employees, eat good food, and create a fun atmosphere at the work place.

We partner with Proper Prep Meal Plans to create customer ready-made meals. This is one part of our Four Step Total Health Program. We are happy to arrange Proper Prep to cater the event with advanced notice!

The Facts:

study by Brigham Young University shows that employees with unhealthy eating habits are 66% more likely to demonstrate poor productivity at work.

According to a review by the CDC from 2007-2010, “87% did not meet vegetable intake recommendations.”

“Employees spend about 50 percent of their waking hours at work, so the worksite offers a logical and convenient opportunity to provide information, encouragement, and support for employees interested in improving their health and well-being,” – Theresa Islo, or Wellness Council of Wisconsin

“Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.” – Source

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