How to receive E.D. and Hair-Loss Prescription Online from a Medical Professional

A recent study shows that patients score lower for depression, anxiety, and stress, and have 38% fewer hospital admissions using online video consultations.

74% of patients prefer easy access to services over in-person visits with healthcare providers. For every 100,000 patients in Rural America, there are only 43 specialists available… We are here to fix that.

How to receive E.D. & Hair-Loss Prescription Online from a Medical Professional

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Treatment Options:

We can diagnosis and treat Low Testosterone and all other common men’s health issues:

(Erectile Dysfunction, Weight loss, High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, and order appropriate lab tests) over a virtual video chat when you need it! 

We save you time and money!

We are here to help investigate and treat the underlaying conditions.

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Treatment Offerings?

Are you 25+ years of age and looking to reset your sex life?

Sildenafil (Viagra) & Tadalafil (Cialis)

The generic version has the same active ingredient helping your body relax blood vessels and improves blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction (E.D.) and premature ejaculation (P.E.).

We are committed to prescribing the highest quality compounded E.D. medication. Most other online E.D. services are less effective because they ship you poorly compounded generics stored in a warehouse.

Our Physician Assistant will be able to help prescribe you with a solution works best for you!

Tadalafil (Generic for Cialis) dissolvable tablets are now available to the public and 50% cheaper than name brand Cialis. The benefits of Tadalafil typically last about 36 hours and equally as effective as name brand. Higher doses of Cialis can be costly…


(Pronounced tə-DAL-ə-fil)

The reason we prescribe these dissolvable tablets is to skip what is called – First Pass Metabolism.

By skipping First Pass Metabolism you get a quicker and more effective response to the medication.

We prescribe Tadalafil Dissolvable Tablets via our Online Video Consultation.


According to NIH – The prevalence of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction of 52% in men in the USA aged 40–70 years was related to underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and neurological problems.


What is the First Pass Metabolism?

First Pass Metabolism is a phenomenon that occur in our body when we’re digesting medication while it absorbs through our blood stream and liver before taking effect. In turn, we are able to reap the benefits much faster! Source 

  • Are you hitting a wall at 3pm?
  • Not motivated anymore?
  • Feeling fatigued and distracted?

You could be suffering from low Testosterone.

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Medically peer reviewed by Dr. Kenneth LeCroy, MD. Written by Our Editorial Team.

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If you do have low testosterone it can be easily treated and monitored via telehealth with the same level of care as you would receive in our traditional clinic setting in Roanoke, Texas. We currently care for men in Texas, California, and North Carolina. Give us a call if you have any questions!

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